$ETHERU is a token to maintain the Etheruko ecosystem, connecting the Etheruko universe and outside the universe and sustaining the value.
We want to control the price and supply of tokens at an appropriate level, and we try to be wary of a price drop or Ponzinomics.
Max supply is fixed at one billion and never be additional supply in any gameplay or any situation. Furthermore, it has a deflationary supply model by periodic burning with a buyback plan.


  • Name: ETHERU
  • Ticker: ETHERU
  • Max Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • ERC-20


Etheruko NFT Minting

Spending to mint NFTs in the Etheru Laboratory.

Etheruko NFT Upgrade

Spending to upgrade Etheruko characters like level up, enhancement, unlock, etc.

Etheruko NFT Fusion

Spending to fusion Etheruko NFTs as a fee.

PvP Fees

Spending to participate in the Etheruko Championship as a fee.

Building NFT Minting

Spending to mint new Building NFTs.

Building NFT Upgrade

Spending to upgrade building for rewards and performance.

NFT trade fee

When the in-app marketplace is activated in the future, all NFT trade fees will be consumed.
In-app purchases
Purchasing various items useful for gameplay in the in-app shop.

Token Allocation