Building NFT

Limited assets that increase P&E value


Tokyo Tower, and Olympic Stadium, such world-famous buildings, are issued as NFTs. The Building NFT can build a special place in the district. It provides more benefits to the entire district than normal buildings. This makes the Building NFTs welcome in the community.

Max Supply

  • The building NFT supply number is limited to 30,000.
  • The initial sale is about 6,000 pieces, and the rest is reserved for later sales or rewards.


  • Specialty Produce special and unique resources of rare value and sharing with the district community. This specialty is tradable and sharable.
  • Synergy Power There is a synergy between the character and the building, and the performance is enhanced.
  • Ownership The holder owns the building built by NFT in the district. If the holder move district, the building is moved along with the holder.