Onboard our journey to authentic Web 3.0 ACG culture.

NFT community

The Etheruko universe begins with the community. The character and game space of the universe is made into NFT. These NFT holders comprise the community.
  1. 1.
    Genesis NFT community The first step in the Etheruko Universe is no ordinary PFP. Genesis NFT attracts all anime lovers and investors interested in P&E games with outstanding quality. The common interest in the anime style makes the community solid. And the holder can be the creator and content provider of the universe.
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    District NFT community District NFT makes up New Tokyo, the metaverse space of the Eteruko Universe. Etheruko's P&E game is a social network game to run the city. Each district is a game space where dozens of users enjoy P&E together and is a DAO for cooperating and competing.

Play and Earn Gaming Ecosystem

Our second milestone is the sustainable ecosystem with Web3.0 anime games. We are developing it with sincere respect for the anime culture.
First, Etheru Laboratory, Genesis holders can mint the Etheruko NFTs to provide gaming content. Second, Etheruko Championship, players can compete with their Etheruko NFT and earn. Third, Etheru City is a social network game that all anime game lovers can play.
  1. 1.
    Etheru Laboratory Genesis NFT creates Etheruko NFT with etherizing in Etheru Laboratory. Only Genesis NFT holders can play the game and mint and supply Etheruko NFT.
  2. 2.
    Etheruko Championship In this PVP game, Etherukos, etherized from Genesis, compete for the best Etheruko. Etheruko NFT holders can send their characters to the arena to participate in the battle and earn rewards. Etheruko NFT holders can upgrade and fuse Etheruko NFTs to enhance their stats and ability. Players can enjoy the game and earn based on ability, strategy, and luck.
  3. 3.
    Etheru City All NFTs make up Etheru City altogether. In this P&E social network game, gameplayers hire Etherukos and perform the missions to rebuild and fight to defend the city. Collaborating or competing with other districts is inevitable. All the NFT holders can earn from their game NFTs. District NFT holders can earn by providing game space to the universe. And building NFT holders can earn by building to upgrade the district.

Decentralized Anime-Style IP

Genesis NFT holders have the right to use the IP personally and commercially. The Etheruko team will continuously make collaboration with other WEB3.0 projects to share the universe and expand the usage of Etheruko IPs. And we will support holders and creators to make Etheruko IP Expansion.


Etheruko is excited to build an upcoming metaverse generation with the community. In the fast-changing Web3.0 with endless possibilities, we will always be open to exploring new possibilities.