How did it start?

We believe the blockchain is the next revolution in gaming.

Glenn and Luke were the game kids from childhood. Their lifetime dream was to develop video games. They went to college with the same vision, met for the first time, and recognized each other. At that time, online games rose, and they enjoyed their college life by playing games such as Starcraft and WoW together, and their dream of becoming a game developer was further solidified. Eventually, they became game developers before they even graduated.
Over their game developer careers, Glenn became a full-stack game developer, and Luke became a game producer. Furthermore, during their jobs, they witnessed significant milestones in the history of games. The first is online games and F2P waves. This wave led more people to the game culture than before. With this tech innovation, the game industry took a step forward. The second wave was mobile gaming. The smartphone led the revolutionary advancement of user experience. Now the game culture is one of the most popular. Witnessing and experiencing these waves, they learned that a new wave is a great opportunity.
Now the vast wave is coming, the blockchain. So far, game users have been just players. But in the blockchain world, users can be part of the game ecosystem and receive fair treatment as much as they contribute. This fabulous idea attracts Glenn and Luke. And they had a gut feeling this would drive the next gaming trend, so they decided to jump into this world.

We will bring authentic anime culture to Web3.

We are anime lovers. Our childhood was full of anime.
The anime masterpieces that enriched our lives used to lead us into fantastic worlds. Thanks to the legacy of these masterpieces, they are expanding their horizons to other media like games, creating new markets, and spreading anime culture.
But in the anime culture up to Web2, we were just spectators.
We will bring authentic anime culture to Web3. Web3's horizons are open for users to become owners, and here we seize the opportunity to spread the anime culture we love. Our goals are not just limited to PFP or P2E games. In Web3, we are no longer spectators but participants and can even become the protagonists of the fantasy world of the anime metaverse. We want to build a world where your imagination and ideas can become stories and reality. Web3 pioneers who love anime, join us for the project, the beginning of an incredible journey.
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We believe the blockchain is the next revolution in gaming.
We will bring authentic anime culture to Web3.