How did it start?

We believe the blockchain is the next revolution in gaming.

Glenn and Luke had been passionate about games since they were kids. They both dreamed of becoming game developers, and their paths converged in the computer science department of Korea's top university. They bonded over their shared love for games like WoW and StarCraft, and their friendship only grew stronger as they spent countless hours playing and strategizing together.
After graduation, they each set out to make their mark on the industry. Glenn became a full-stack developer, working on some of the most popular Korean games of the time. He honed his skills and quickly made a name for himself in the industry. Meanwhile, Luke was making a name for himself as a top game designer. He had a natural talent for understanding what players wanted and crafting experiences that kept them coming back for more.
Over the years, they watched the gaming industry evolve and change. They saw the rise of online gaming, the advent of F2P models, and the revolutionary advancements in user experience brought about by mobile gaming. These experiences taught them that new waves in technology presented great opportunities for the industry.
And now, they believe that the next big wave is here: the blockchain. Up until now, gamers have been limited to simply playing games, but with blockchain technology, they can be a part of the game's ecosystem and be fairly rewarded for their contributions. This exciting concept drew Glenn and Luke in, and they knew it was going to be the next big trend in gaming. And so, they decided to jump into this world and be a part of this revolution.
They have come together to form a new studio, with the goal of creating blockchain games that are truly revolutionary. With their combined backgrounds, skills, and experience, they are confident that they can make a real impact in this emerging field. They are excited to be a part of the future of gaming and can't wait to see what the future holds for blockchain and the gaming industry.

We will bring authentic anime culture to Web3.

As children, we were entranced by the captivating worlds of anime. The masterpieces that enriched our lives opened our eyes to the incredible potential of storytelling and imagination. We were entranced by the fantastical worlds, characters and stories that we saw. But, as we grew older and the world of anime expanded to other forms of media like games, we realized something was missing. Up until now, we were just spectators. We were passively watching and enjoying the stories, but we couldn't be a part of them.
But now, with the advent of Web3, that's all about to change. The open horizons of Web3 allow us, as anime fans, to become active participants in the anime culture we love. We're no longer just spectators, but players and even creators in the fantasy worlds of anime. We're excited to seize this opportunity to bring authentic anime culture to Web3 and build a world where your imagination and ideas can become stories and reality. We're inviting all anime lovers and Web3 pioneers to join us in this incredible journey and be a part of the next revolution in anime culture.